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    RTA Poker

    real-time poker assistant

⚡ What do we offer:

    The user plays poker on his computer and receives an online recommendation of the Hero's next move on his mobile phone. The standard version supports a maximum of 4 tables. Optical recognition technology (OCR) is used to create hand histories on the fly. To date, OCR is the most secure technology for playing poker with an assistant. We guarantee the security of your account with a very high degree! The hero's next move is recommended by the leader in this field from the developers of the world-famous PioSolver product - the CheckMath cloud solution service.

👀 Video demonstration of settings and games using our service

🍒 We suggest using our solver in two versions + Test:

    To play using our service, you must have one Windows 10,11 computer with a poker client and any device (mobile phone or tablet) with a browser.

   There are three game options:
      1. To make sure everything works, you can test it with a 10 minute test session. There can be no more than 10 such sessions. Test sessions are free.
      2. Game lasting 1 hour in the free time from the orders of other Users. This option is paid. The cost depends on the parameters of the game. The price includes rental of equipment, software and CheckMath API requests.
      3. Playing on a dedicated server. When ordering this option, you are not limited either by time or by the duration of the game. There are two restrictions - the server lease time (from one month) and the number of remaining CheckMath API requests. In this option, you can purchase the required number of CheckMath API requests from us or purchase them yourself from CheckMath support, then enter the CheckMath keys in the server settings. With this option, you pay only for server rental. This option is paid. The cost depends on the parameters of the game and the duration of the server lease. The price includes rental of equipment, software and CheckMath API requests.

🔬 How it works

            After purchasing one of the two options for using our solver, the user receives an email with links to two programs:

            1. A program that creates a connection, the launch of which creates a tunnel with data encryption that connects the User's computer and our services;
            2. A program that takes screenshots of the User's desktop several times per second and transfers them to our OCR services. This program is compiled for each User individually. Has a unique signature and name. Does not embed into the address space of the poker client and is therefore safe to use. Our online OCR services recognize the elements of a poker table or tables and create on the fly the current hand history, which is used to compose requests that are sent to the cloud solution from the developers of PioSolver - the CheckMath service. The solutions obtained for the next move of the Hero are displayed in any browser, it can be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer.

🍰 To play, you need any budget computer and mobile phone. We take care of everything else!